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“Where did you find these guys?! They’re amazing! They worked so hard, from dusk to dawn, non-stop and exceeded our expectations. I really appreciate your help and will definitely be coming going back for our next move!”

- Vanessa Williams Stevenson

San Francisco Bay Area Movers 4 Local & Long Distance is proud to serve the local community with quality moving residential and commercial moving options demonstrating professionalism, integrity, and exceptional customer service.

We maintain a record low damage and loss claim ratio of less than 3% because our moving crews are highly skilled and experienced to hoist anything from heavy pianos and awkward furniture pieces to delicate kitchenware and valuable antiques or paintings.

Since 2001 we’ve reigned as one of the top 10 moving business corporations in the Bay City Area and we’re constantly working to improve our rank by offering customized moving services on your behalf.

“I just wanted to thank you for a great deal you gave us on our move. Your crew did an exceptional job. They were fast, efficient and very courteous! We appreciate the discount you gave us. We’ll be in touch once we find a place.”

- George & Allison Doyle -

Here Are 4 Main Reasons Customers Choose US Over Our Competition 

We Care For Seniors

Senior citizens in this country are too often neglected in favor of speedier, quicker moves generating more profit, faster. At Modesto Long Distance Movers, we believe in giving back in serving those who served us at a time. We’re pleased to work side-by-side with caretakers and senior citizens children to downsize to a community or relocate to a smaller home in a different area; removing stress from the move.


Our clients are given ‘5-star treatment’ to ease a potentially stressful moving situation and make your life a little easier. Because we take great care to walk a mile in your shoes, we can read between the lines. We go deeper than learning what square footage you require and how many miles you’ll be traveling. We learn about how best to care for children, your musical instruments, your pets, elderly clients, and more. Stress-free. Injury-free. And damage-free.

“Good morning. I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the quality, caring, and abilities of the 3 movers who moved us recently. At all times they were professional, polite and on several occasions, humorous. It was a pleasure working with your company and I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you.”

- Elizabeth Larkin -


We aim to give our customers the safest and most efficient moving solution in the Sunshine State. Our fleet of modern trucks undergoes routine diagnostic checks by certified skilled mechanics to ensure our trucks are constantly moving on time to their destination. We take NOTHING to chance. We ‘value’ your ‘valuables’ and move with at a speed so fast it’ll make your head spin.

We Are Flexible

Need to get up and going faster? We offer last minute moves and adjustments to a current moving schedule. We understand that life’s circumstances throw a curveball every once in a blue moon. That’s why we prepare our guys to be on alert at all times to serve. Our flexibility equally reflects in our affordable and cheap low-rate plans.

“It’s hard to find the words to express how happy I am with this move and especially the movers. The care given to my furniture was beyond expectation. They were total gentlemen and worked the entire time even with two floors of furniture, and it’s HEAVY, but not a single complaint nor profanity. They just worked. I highly recommend your moving company, and if anyone is as fortunate as I was you’ll get the movers I had and you’ll be thoroughly satisfied.”

- Brenda Richardson -

Need Professional Moving Services Today?

Get Help NOW!

Our Professional Moving Services Makes YOUR Life EASIER – Here’s Why: 

One service we offer to expedite the moving process is to assist you in PLANNING your MOVE.

To move efficiently, we cover all bases and make sure you have enough sturdy packing boxes, trucks, movers, dollies, wrapping paper, tape, and other miscellaneous items.

It’s easy to get ‘lost in the shuffle’ not knowing where to begin. We come in and help you arrange the pieces to a rather complex puzzle, saving you time, energy, and stress.

Another service we provide is to do all the heavy lifting.

Most who attempt to do so often times do it completely backward and end up hurting their backs, dropping valuable items, or worse. We train our best movers to handle strenuous activity that’ll make it look like a cakewalk (which, of course, is far from it).

Lastly, we free up your time for more important tasks and save you money in the long run.

Believe it or not it costs the average do-it-yourself 3x as much in expenses moving him or herself than it does to hire our crew to get you ‘in and out’ in a matter of hours. What it requires to pack, move, and unpack is fairly simple, but mundane and time consuming. Do-it-yourself’ers inevitably miss several days of work where the extra income could assist them later down the road when they’ll need it most to adjust to their new space.

We’re The Best Affordable Residential and Commercial Movers You Can Trust! 

Other cities we currently serve nearby include:

Daly City, Tiburon, South San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, San Bruno, Albany, Berkeley, Piedmont, Mill Valley, Pacifica, Richmond, Corte Madera, Millbrae, Larkspur, Banneker Homes, Opera Plaza, Frederick Douglass Haynes Gardens, Valencia Gardens, Friendship Village, Thomas Paine Square, Malcolm X Square, Laguna Heights, Saint Francis Square, Little Osaka, Martin Luther King Square, Marcus Garvey Square, Mission District, Loren Miller Homes, Amanico Ergina Village, Victoria Mews, Potrero District, CA.

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