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Businesses relocate for a number of reasons. For example, lease changes, office growth, better location, or to rearrange existing office space. Whether your office is large or small, on the ground or in a high rise, our estimator and office moving coordinators are available to lend you a ‘helping hand’.

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We’re The #1 Commercial Space Moving Company in the Bay Area 

Our professional movers are thoroughly trained to use proper techniques, understand the protocol utilizing the latest equipment.

With experience, hard work, and sheer muscle, we can transport the heaviest office items (copiers, file cabinets, office desks/chairs, etc.) and still live up to our reputation for possessing the midas touch while handling your most delicate office items.

Unlike residential moves that take merely a few hours to pack, unpack, and drive across town, commercial moves are a tad more involved, complicated, and requiring of expertise. That’s why it’s ‘critical’ you contact us to perform this level of service for our extensive knowledge, manpower, and tools on hand.

We Waste No Time, For YOUR Peace of Mind 

In business, time is money. We should know. We operate one ourselves. The longer you’re stuck during the moving stage, the more revenue you lose. Our job is to shorten the time between your relocation so you’re back in business as soon as possible.

Ideally, most businesses move during the weekend. That’s the time we typically move offices and businesses. We recommend you follow suit because we understand the importance of having your staff resume their working schedule as usual without delay so they have access to their office, furniture, files, and other important equipment (copier, computers, phones, etc.)

Need Professional Commercial Moving Services?

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Experience You Can Trust and Count On 

We’ve done several hundreds of these moves over the years and counting. Few things surprise us. We know the challenges and complications most likely before you ever will, and you may never know of them because we know how to solve them before they happen. Experience taught many lessons.

We’ve done it all. From schools to small and large office spaces, to restaurants, to hardware stores, to pet stores, to dentist offices, and more.

We have the proper masonite, corrugated, wrap, and door jam protectors most buildings require along with any other specialized equipment they may be necessary.

An Easy, Hassle-Free Commercial Relocation Experience – GUARANTEED 

Clearly, this is a fairly complex process. We know you value the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of your move. Don’t take any chances on less experienced moving companies. You don’t want ‘them’ to be your pet project experiment in handling your relocation.

We’ve designed this service to accommodate even the most demanding business schedule.

So if you’re interested in more information about our office and commercial relocation services, contact us below to fill out a quick survey form and receive your FREE, NO-STRINGS ATTACHED COMMERCIAL AND OFFICE RELOCATION ESTIMATE TODAY!

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